"There's no place like home"

What seems like a lifetime ago, I left my homeland, South Africa, to pursue the dream of competing as a professional golfer on the world stage. That amazing dream came true for me. The journey took me around the world, and throughout, I enjoyed the commitment, the pursuit of my passion, and the success I had along the way.
Though I have been "global" for many years, my roots are in South Africa. My love for the competitive game will always be with me, but the passion I have for my homeland became a powerful calling.

Now I am home.

My greatest desire is to give back to the country that gave me my wings years ago. So I have returned, not only to propel the game I love, but also to pursue my interests and passions that transcend golf.

In that regard, I formed the Little Golf Trust. I am thrilled to announce the Little Golf Trust’s partnership with Caylix Sport and Living Legends and am honoured to be a Living Legends Ambassador. Little Golf Trust, in conjunction with SNAG (Starting New at Golf)

looks forward to working with Living Legends in creating the golf development program, making a difference in the lives of many more children.

Also in partnership with Caylix Sport we will be working on a number of events, including Corporate Clinics for Women. We will launch this initiative August 18th at the Living Legends Golf Day at Stellenbosch Golf Course.

As South Africa has welcomed me home, I welcome you now.

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