"The Sally Little LITTLE GOLF TRUST"

The Little Golf Trust is a registered non profit organisation IT000758/2015(C).
The objective of the trust is to support and contribute to the general wellbeing of young women through education, sport and training so as to enhance their life skills and health care concerns generally, with the emphasis on previously disadvantaged women.

The Little Golf programme is an ideal medium through which children and young people can develop personal skills such as honesty, respect, co-operation, perseverance, concentration and self motivation, all of which will help them throughout their life.
In an agreement with the City of Cape Town, Little Golf will have access to public parks and recreational facilities, and will operate on a 40 week programme to attract young people to the game of golf.
Talented individuals will be identified at an

early stage and in conjunction with PGA / WPGA qualified professionals will be offered additional tuition to take them to the next level.
Little Golf will engage with the local community in all aspects of the delivery of this programme. Volunteers will be sought from nearby golf clubs, schools and local neighbourhoods. Parents, teachers and other interested individuals will be encouraged to participate in group sessions.

The trust would wish to operate a “Teach the Teacher” programme.
Key individuals and volunteers would be funded to undertake the PGA of South Africa Level 1 Coaching Course.
By commencing coaching at an early age, talented young girls will be identified and offered a bursary to Tuks University, Pretoria. She can further her education, emerge with a degree, and at the same time obtain a full PGA qualification. She would then herself contribute to the growth of the game.

Through the Little Golf Trust, find the next Sally Little.
Identify a woman of colour who can play at a high level on the world stage.
Use golf to uplift women in personal and corporate life and provide opportunities for women to use golf as a platform for business.