"Sally has had the privilege of playing some of the best known courses world wide"

Sally has been a long time supporter of junior golf. She is involved both locally and internationally in youth development.

Raymond Ackerman Golf Academy:

Through the medium of golf, the Raymond Ackerman Golf Academy, located at Clovelly Golf Club, offers children and young adults academic support, coaching in wider life skills, along with coaching to produce talented young golfers.
Sally has served on the board of trustees since 2007, and can often be found interacting with the students at the academy as well as on the range.

Duke of York’s Young Champion Series:

The Duke of York’s Young Champion Series is an annual competition held in the United Kingdom in which the youth from more than 20 countries compete, the prize being bursaries to the Wellington College in London. The series targets young talent, not to find the next great golfer, but to find a quality young person to receive an education and carry on the great game of golf.
In recognition of her passion and commitment, Sally has been named to the Advisory Council of the Duke of York’s Young Champion Series. The Duke relies on Sally’s vast experience for tournament procedures as well as for talent evaluation.