The SLC4X and MonkeyBiz Garden Village Beading Initiative

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The SLC4X and MonkeyBiz
Garden Village Beading Initiative

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The Project

African beading has been identified as an important skill which can successfully be employed as a source of income. Skilled bead artists sell their work at a market day once a month. Due to the success of this venture, Monkeybiz South Africa, is happy to collaborate with SLC4X to expand the project to empower the people of the Garden Village to become entrepreneurs.

What the project entails

In order to create a new opportunity for future entrepreneurs the skill of African Beading can be transferred to new beaders through the use of the beading initiative. Workshops, presented by skilled beaders and entrepreneurs of Monkeybiz, will be arranged to transfer this skill to 10 people at a time. Ideally we want to include a wide selection of people from the village, even extending the invitation to pupils from a nearby school.

Beader's plate with red yellow and blue beads
Close up of beaders hands picking up beads with a needle

The programme

Garden Village Initiative program
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Program –  MonkeyBiz Workshop @ The Range

08h15 – 09h00

Arrival – meet & greet (tea/coffee & rusks available)

09h30 – 12h30
1st Session of workshop

12h30 – 13h00
Lunch served

13h00 – 15h00
2nd Session of workshop

What will it cost?

The cost per workshop will be R3000 which will include the fee for 2 trainers, all training material and food for our attendees; that is ONLY R300 to train one person to become financially independent in their community.

How can I get involved?

In order to make this project work, we need a sponsorship per attendee. The more sponsors we get, the more community members can be trained to become entrepreneurs that sell their own unique artwork.

Want to get involved? Give Karen Denman a call on +27 82 467 7944 or email her on to discuss the options.

Want to get involved?


Video’s from our workshop on 1 August 2018

Sally Little on the SLC4X and MonkeyBiz collaboration

Kate Carlyle on the SLC4X and MonkeyBiz collaboration

Sally Little and Kate Carlyle starting the first SLC4X and MonkeyBiz workshop


Photo’s from our workshops